The Paranoid Parents' Guide by Christie BarnesI’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a paranoid parent. But after reading The Paranoid Parents Guide, by clever Denver mom Christie Barnes, I realized how much time I waste worrying. And more importantly, worrying about the wrong things.
Does this sound like it might be you too?

Christie interviewed moms throughout the country and heard time and time
again the same top ten fears parents had for their children, and they don’t always sync up with the realities of what you should be worrying about. Turns out, for example, that more
children are injured by shopping carts than a shark attack. Go figure.

The author does go through the top ten real dangers that face our children,
many of which, like drowning, are preventable. That’s pretty empowering.

Once you
realize the statistical realities of the concerns that cram our brains,
it actually frees up a lot of mental energy, so you can stop with the
anxiety start enjoying your time with your kids. The other big
benefit to loosening up is that we give our children more
opportunities to become independent and resilient. My favorite
revelation from reading the book is that all those hours I worried that my son was watching
television were totally unwarranted. Whew! -Betsy

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The Paranoid Parents Guide, online at our affiliate Amazon, or read more about it at the Paranoid Parents Guide website