nikon cameraOne of my favorite gifts from my baby shower was the lovely DSLR camera I received. Having spent years taking out-of-focus pictures of my cats, I’d hoped having a high quality digital camera would prevent me from taking the same out-of-focus pictures of my kid.

Well, it turns out it’s not just the camera that’s the problem.

I wish I’d known about the site The Photographic Life: Photo Tips for Moms back then. This
beautiful site offers everything you could possibly wish for as an
aspiring family photographer. There are pages of tips about photography
gear, video tutorials, and best of all (for me!) the section about
editing photos; in the era of digital photography, we no longer have to
accept the original photograph as the end result. So I love the amazing and simple tips to edit and improve your shots with the basic editing programs we all have access to.

Two things really stand out for me on this site: The fact that there is no tech talk, first of all–all the information
is easy to understand and uncomplicated. Secondly, a portion of their
membership fees go towards Wipe Out Kids Cancer and Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

If you’re not ready to invest the $7 monthly fee (with discounts for a full year) you can try it out for a week for just $1. I say, go for it. A photo album of crisp, focused, red eye-free snapshots awaits you. –Cecily

Find great photography lessons and resources at The Photographic Life: Photo Tips for Moms.