Little ExperienceMy nieces and nephews from Israel are on their way visit grandparents. My 2 year old son will probably not have a chance to visit but would like to send something to them while they are here. Any ideas for a gift to help entertain the 2 to 11 year-olds? 

Thanks for any suggestions!

It’s awesome that he wants to send his cousins something for them to do while they are visiting. The wide age range means we need to find something safe for the youngest but that will still hold the interest of the older kids. Here are a few suggestions I think are fantastic. –Christina

Kids Garden cards
I like the Kids’ Garden Activity Cards by Barefoot Books since it gives the kids something to do while at their grandparents, encourages them to play outdoors and can be pretty self-directed, especially with the 11 year old in the lead. Plus, the cards are very sturdy, should the 2 year old decide to uh, “play” with them on his own.
Lego Creationary
There’s a new line of LEGO board games that are super fun, and if your group skews to the older end, an imaginative game like Creationary could keep them busy for a very long time. 
Green Toys Building Blocks
For the baby, take a look at Green Toys building blocks which are environmentally friendly, and should keep the littlest from trying to swipe all the smaller Lego pieces. 
Zebra Cupcakes
One good craft project can keep them all occupied for a while on a rainy day, so check out this post about projects for kids which features the fun and yummy Zebra Cupcakes and cute kits from The Little Experience (photo at top). 
Klutz Sticker Book
If your kids are into stickers as much as my kids, they will love Klutz’s Incredible, Outrageous Sticker Book which should keep them occupied, especially if they’ll be spending a lot of time driving from relative to relative. 
Have a great visit!