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skinny jeans

When skinny jeans first hit the world of kids’ fashion, a lot of parents were thinking,
huh? Me included. Back in the olden days, I remember thinking of them as
“painted-on denim” and they required a friend (and a super flat tummy) if you
wanted to have any hope of actually zipping them and buttoning them

But I’ve come to learn that skinny jeans are simply fabulous on little kids for
all sorts of reasons.

Not the least of which is that I have two skinny girls, and when I
put them in regular jeans, they often look like their pants have swallowed their
lower halves whole.

beatle boots with skinny jeansFirst of all, skinny jeans are so adorably mod on little girls. One way to wear them is
embrace that angle completely, pairing them with a British-inspired top; this Union
Jack sweatshirt (above) is adorable over a simple white tee with a fun, flattering neckline.
Finish it off with a pair of cute little Beatle boots–or little Doc Maartens if you
dare–and you’re ready for Carnaby Street.

 Don’t worry if the bottoms of the jeans end up scrunching up around the top of the
boot–it’s cute. Plus you don’t want your kid fussing too much with uncomfortably
tucked-in cuffs. They are still kids, after all.

Swingset before style!

dress over skinny jeansSkinny jeans also have the distinct advantage of looking a lot like leggings. Which
means you can pair them with tunics, dresses and jumpers over long-sleeve tees,
add a short cardigan, for a funky, layered look. The jeans are warmer and more
playground-friendly than tights, and keep you from having to worry about
underwear peep shows on the monkeybars.

Make sure to keep the top flowy and long, the same way you’d never wear a skin-tight mini with an equally fitted tank. A billowy tunic, blousy oxford, or chunky knit
sweater balances the weight of the outfit and keeps your kid appropriately kid-like.

And psst…while your skinny jeans aren’t going to last your kid three years, they can
actually do the same for other pieces in her wardrobe. In fact, all styles of jeans
breathe new life–and wardrobe possibilities–into dresses that are now outgrown.

girls on the bench

 Just roll up the sleeves and behold! Your favorite little 18 mo dress is now a stylish
3T tunic. No one will know, promise. –Liz

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[photos c Liz Gumbinner]