rocket puzzle
My kids are all puzzle fans, as evidenced by the thousands of cardboard and wooden pieces strewn about my floor at any given time of the day. But we’ve yet to see anything like the new multiple solution shape puzzles from one of our fave kid’s gear and furniture designers P’Kolino.

These adorable wooden puzzles feature simple, bright pieces that can be
used to complete the puzzle in a variety of different ways. So, instead
of your kiddos mastering the puzzle on a few tries and then moving on
to something else, they can spend minutes–hey, maybe even hours–creating all sorts of different finished products.

What a great first
birthday gift that will grow with the kids as
they master those fine motor and coordination skills. And then, like my kids, put them to use on something not as constructive as a cool puzzle. -Kristen

Pre-order the new multi-solution shape puzzles for a mid-October delivery date at P’Kolino.


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