Melissa Borrell MobileIt’s no secret we are big fans of Houston designer Melissa Borrell, having selected her stainless steel jewelry as a 2009 Pick of the Year. But her product line extends far beyond amazing jewelry.

I am thrilled to see that she has turned her talent to the baby nursery where her keen eye for shape, shadow and unique style transforms the baby mobile into a little floating work of art.

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Unlike most baby mobiles which come out of the box and are ready to hang, the 2d3d mobiles from Melissa Borrell Design let you decide what the final product will look like. It’s a little nerve-wracking to push the pre-cut stainless steel sheet into place, but in just a few moments, it goes from flat to 3D.

When hung from the ceiling, the shape casts the most beautiful shadows. Two of the styles, the Tangent Mobile and the Concentric Mobile, make big loopy loops, like a stretched-out Slinky, while the Orbit Mobile takes on the shape of a many-ringed planet. And since you decide how much to open the flat piece, each one is unique and even changeable.

Unlike very youthful looking mobiles, I would never need to pack it away for being too juvenile or not fitting in with the room decor. In fact, I’d consider snatching it for my own favorite nook in the house when the baby is no longer gazing at it from the bottom of the crib. -Christina

Visit Melissa Borrell Design to check out her 2d3d Mobiles. And congrats on the Fantasy Shades being named one of the Top 100 Brilliant Ideas by Entrepreneur Magazine. (Go Melissa!)

Congratulations to Heather S, lucky winner of the 2d3d mobile!