fraggle rockJust when you thought your kids could live on PBS and Nick Jr alone, along comes a whole new TV network designed just for kids. And uh, their TV-loving families. Or as I always say, if it weren’t for Elmo, I might never get to take a shower.

Launching today is The Hub TV channel, a collaboration between Discovery Kids and Hasbro, so make no mistake, there will be merchandising-a-plenty.

The programming will feature DK fare like their family-oriented game
shows which I always like, along with (here’s the Hasbro part) animated
flashback favorites like Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and GI Joe. Plus for those of you who came of age in the 80s (I mean, uh, for your kids): Fraggle Rock. Fun!

I’m most happy about though, are the syndicated shows like The Wonder
which I totally can’t wait to watch together with my kids, if only for the

The network will also launch HubBub tomorrow, a collection of five preschool-friendly shows ranging from mainstream to quirky. Most promising to me is Maryoku Yummy,
featuring a cute,  Sanrio-esque array of wish-granting characters
inspired by Japanese silkscreen designs. The property is already a hit
with the tween set on licensed merch at Limited Too; heaven forbid a TV
show doesn’t have the tees and lip glosses to support its existence.

I’m also interested in checking out BBC show In the Night Garden, with a multicultural cast of puppets for small children that look like a cross between Teletubbies and Europe’s Barbapapa.

I’m not crazy about commercial TV for my kids, but hey, that’s the beauty of Tivo. Set your DVR and get all of the Fraggle with none of the Big Top Cupcake infomercials. –Liz

Tune in to The Hub TV network
today for a sneak peek of all the programming. Check the website for local channels and listings.