Petit Collage acrylic shatter proof mirrorsIt never occurred to me to decorate my kids’ rooms with mirrors, probably because they’re glass. And breakable. And potentially dangerous. At least when you’ve got a couple of rambunctious, climb-happy toddlers.

Petit Collage must have thought of those hazards too when they came up with the idea of gorgeous acrylic mirrors.

These beautiful decorative mirrors are carefully laser cut from shatterproof acrylic, so you get the lovely brightening and spacemaking effect of a mirror without the worry about them breaking into a gazillion pieces if they just so happen to fall. Or get knocked down by a wayward soccer ball as your baby becomes not such a baby anymore.

I’ve already got a spot picked out on the wall for the bird mirror, which I think works best to seamlessly transition from baby to toddler to big kid, but the elephant is pretty darn cute too. (Oooh, baby bollywood theme?)

Due to their popularity, they’re now marked down to $36, which is a pretty budget-friendly decor choice these days. Especially one that won’t break. -Kristen 

You’ll find the acrylic kid’s mirrors at Petit Collage, along with a slew of other gorgeous gifts and baby decor.

*Edited: Use code “happybirthday” for 40% off purchases over $100 (exclusions apply) – 10/27/10 only.