My son just got his first booster seat for the car. Long after many of his friends. Not because he’s small. Just because I haven’t been rushing to get him out of the old car seat. It’s safe, it’s functional and we like it.

But there comes a time when every little boy says, “Mama, I’m the only kid in a baby car seat” and, well, a mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do. (Particularly when said mama soon needs to figure out a way to fit three car seats into her not-quite-a-minivan car.) 

So he’s suddenly the happiest kid on the block because he’s riding in his Clek Oobr booster seat. And he loves it. So do I.

Not only is it super safe (Clek is well-known and well-loved by
car seat safety aficionados – yes, they exist), it’s also super cool.
With so many fun fabric colors to choose from, there’s something that
will appeal to every kid. Or every mom. Guess that depends on who gets
to make the decisions in your family.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010If you like your boosters with modern style, it’s hard not to fall for the
Skurvy option, a sleek black seat back emblazoned with Paul Frank’s
recognizable skull and crossbones design. Seriously, there isn’t a
cooler car booster seat on the market.

And there are so many great features about this booster that I
love: It’s a breeze to install with LATCH, there are red belt guides to
help you and your child position the seat belt properly when they’re
riding in the car, the seat fabric is stain-resistant and
machine-washable, the headrest height is adjustable, the seat back
reclines for comfy car naps and the entire back is removable when your
child gets bigger.

Plus, there’s no houndstooth fabric option. Which, you know, is real progress in the car seat world if you ask me. –Stephanie

Find the Clek Oobr booster seat online from Clek