It may sound less than surprising, but I still think that a framed photo of the kids makes one of the single best grandparent gifts ever. At least if the photo is fantastic. And the frame is gorgeous. So I’m so happy to hear that Obrien & Schridde, whose spectacular handmade frames we discovered a while back, is now making a series that’s even more affordable.

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Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
The professional photographers behind the company have turned their attentions towards new petite frames. 11″ in diameter, they’re not really all that petite, and in fact impression they make is pretty grande. The weathered, hand-antiqued look of the wood can make any photo look more special–although I’d say pick a nice one and not the blurry favorite from your iPhone.

Eight styles range from grandma-ready florals and a romantic toille, to a colorful polka dots stripes. The price? an amazing $24.99. Which explains why the first run sold out in about three seconds.

Forget the grandparents, I think our own blank walls are going to get some gifts this holiday season.

Congratulations to Stephanie H, lucky winner of a petite frame!

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