While some people think of us as shopping blog, we’re not only about shopping. We love tracking down the helpful websites and resources that make our lives easier. Yeah, okay, and things that make our shopping easier too.

Consider me a new Shopafrolic-aholic. I adore this website which is like having designer Liz Lange and her equally chic sister, Jane Wagman, as your very own personal shopping consultants. –Liz

Plum District shopping website - get local discounts

I anxiously await the daily deals from Plum District, a handy new site aimed at moms like me that makes saving money super easy. So far the deals have been relevant and appealing, including plenty of the small businesses you’ve seen on Cool Mom Picks. -Kristen

I-ELLA.com - high fashion shopping and swapping

I love love love the new designer resale site I-ELLA, which lets you buy, swap, or borrow designer duds for less. It’s like Ideeli meets eBay, with a little social good thrown in too. –Liz

Helpful Services

Keith Haring art for kids

We’re all so happy to have discovered the HaringKids website which incorporates the art and inspiration of Keith Haring in more than 160 lesson plans that help parents and teachers encourage creative learning. –Liz

Picture Fall

It’s hard to find the time and the money to take a photography class, but not when you’ve got the super affordable online photography workshops by author, mom and Shutter Sisters founder Tracey Clark just a click away. Sign me up. -Kristen

thredUP kids clothing swap site

Clothing swap website ThredUP makes it as easy to swap, reuse, and recycle kids clothing as we’ve ever seen. It’s a wonderful idea and it’s working. –Christina

Online Sanity-Savers

thank you notes

When Paperless Post added thank you notes this year to their roster of gorgeous e-invitations, I rejoiced. They’re as close to a real card as you can send online, without having to lick a stamp. I know; I’ve sent a lot this year. –Liz

tomato soup

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010 - best websites, services, resources

Forget Googling for recipes from random sites. Yummly lets me search for exactly what I need based on all sorts of ingredients and specifications, and does everything at mealtime except actually cook the food. -Kristen