Egg2Cake Baby journalI’m proud to admit that I like a good breastfeeding boob joke. And I always say that if I wasn’t laughing about parenting, I’d be crying. So too bad the awesome products from Egg2Cake weren’t around when I had my baby shower, four births ago.

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These funny, lighthearted gifts are a welcome change to the often very
serious and sentimental baby books out there. Sure, I get it – having a
baby is a big life change, blahblah. But there’s nothing wrong with infusing a little bit
of laughter in it all. In fact, it’s downright necessary.

The two standouts in their sea of products are the Mamentos journals. (Get it? Mamentos?) The “B.C” journal (Before
Child) allows you to chronicle all the nitty gritty details
about your pregnancy by month, as well as jot down everything you’d like to
remember to tell your kid and then some. The “A.D” Journal
(After Delivery) is like a laidback baby book with a sense of humor, making them great as a set.

I’d have kissed the person who would have given me these two books at my
shower, so do your pregnant friends (or yourself) a favor and snag
them. As we moms know, a few chuckles, during pregnancy and after, are
sometimes few and far between. -Kristen

Check out the “Momglish” product line at Egg2Cake.

Congratulations to Yvonne D. for winning a box of Egg2Cake products!