Yesterday a reader wrote to us about her toy storage woes, and we loaded her up with toy storage solution possibilities. Today we continue the organizational help with some of our favorite boxes, bins, and baskets.

While I love putting things away where they can’t be seen, I’m also a fan of open-storage baskets, bins and boxes for many of our bulkier toys, and for things like blocks which need to be placed right next to where the building is happening.

Even at their youngest, my kids knew which bins were for play food versus blocks. Plus, I could then sit in the middle of the room and just toss the toys into the bins rather than constantly get up and down (I have the dings in my walls to prove it).

3 Sprouts
JJ Cole
toy storage bin
ikea storage box

Some great options for open storage containers can be found at 3 Sprouts, whose animal bins are the cutest, JJ Cole for more sophisticated bins, and Dwell Studio‘s fabric bins. I love their transportation theme in a bedroom, but they have some more graphic options too.

You can also find baskets at IKEA for as low as $3.99. But the Knipsa basket will look terrific if your toy storage is in a living room or other public space.

Fiona Kate

A closed-top toy box is great for those toys you’d rather keep out of sight but still have accessible to the kids.The many-sized boxes from Australia’s Fiona Kate will solve a lot of your storage needs, they’re extremely durable, and I like how the lid on this “monster box” can double as a play space.

Multi Box

Smaller but super versatile–and adorable in a nursery too–Green Lullaby’s Multi Boxes can be used as a seat or stepstool.

Wooli toy box

I think this soft-yet-sturdy felt Wooli toy box by Baby’s Breath is brilliant for little kids—no pinched fingers! (But skip the felt and wool if you have pets.)

P'kolino ottoman

Finally, P’kolino also designs several bright options for both smaller and larger items. I like their soft round storage ottoman around early walkers, and think it’s a great piece that will fit in to even an older kids’ room. After all, they do outgrow the play food one day. –Christina

OK, mamas, feel free to chime in here and let us know your favorite toy storage solutions. If you are still looking for more ideas, see our first post on toy storage solutions.