After many months of buzz, hoopla, and general fanfare, I finally got around to checking out Christoph Niemann’s I LEGO N.Y., and as a native New Yawka, I know can’t imagine what I had been waiting for.

This board book is everything I love in a book–it’s artful, it’s super clever, and it works on levels that will make it a favorite of toddlers, big kids, and even their parents.

Every page features a series of simple LEGO constructions–we’re talking
a few pieces, max–designed to recreate Manhattan buildings, places,
and tongue-in-cheek concepts. While it helps to know New York well
enough to get some of the inside jokes about the Subway Series, the three facades of the
Flatiron building, or the feet peering
off a subway platform at a grey “critter,” pretty much anyone with a
sense of humor will be smiling from cover to cover.

My favorite has to be the green and white Venti Latte, next to the
“regular coffee” all done up in that patented Greek blue. You NYC mamas
know what I’m talking about. –Liz

Buy I LEGO N.Y. by Christoph Niemann through our affiliate Amazon, or see his original NY times blog post that inspired the book.

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