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We’re always on the look out for cool services that help make our busy lives easier. Over at Cool Mom Tech, we recently introduced our readers to our sponsor Posterous and their new smart Posterous groups service, and our readers were really, not surprisingly, really excited about it.

No wonder – it’s a very smart way to share photos and posts with family, or connect with your real life groups (New moms group? Book club?) in ways that save busy parents plenty of time and energy.

[Don’t miss the super amazing $500 gift card giveaway after the jump!]

If you’re a class mom, have a kid playing a sport, or just have family who don’t live upstairs from you that likes to see snaps of the kids every four seconds, Posterous Groups is really an awesome resource. We’ve got a full review of it on Cool Mom Tech, but in a nutshell, It allows you to send photos, videos, even MP3s embedded within emails (no attachments, whoo!) to your private group with just a simple email address. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and totally love it.

The best part is, your group members don’t even have to do anything to sign up; just add their email address and they’re in. Oh, and it’s free. Yep. -Kristen

EXTRA EXTRA COOL: WIN IT! Our very cool sponsor Posterous is giving away a $500 Visa Gift Card to one lucky reader. YAY! Just sign up for Posterous groups (it’s free) by February 23 and then leave a comment on the post at Cool Mom Tech  (NOT HERE) telling us what you’re going to do with your group. For all the specifics on how to enter, head over to Cool Mom Tech

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