Acoustic Dreamland lullaby CD from Putumayo KidsWhen my kids were babies, I used to daydream about sleep. Oh, sweet sleep, how I’d never take it for granted again. If only I could get two hours in a row. If only I had some magic spell to make them slumber peacefully.

I still don’t have any magic spell, but this new lullaby CD? It casts such a powerful spell that I would love to shoot back in time and dare my then-babies to resist.  
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Putumayo Kids’ latest release Acoustic Dreamland is a warm bath, footsie pajamas and a back rub set to music. 
With eleven songs from CMP favorites like Elizabeth Mitchell and Frances England, as well as a bunch of new-to-me artists, each quiet ode lulls and soothes. I liked the mix of male and female voices singing both folk tunes and an eclectic bunch of covers written by artists like the Allman Brothers, Wilco and James Taylor. The simple arrangements helped quiet my brain down during the half-hour of play time.
And while a half-hour seems pretty short, I found it a challenge to listen to the entire CD in one sitting because I kept wanting to lie down and close my eyes. So if you are apt to snuggle with your beloved at bedtime, you may want to get into your own pajamas first because I think you’ll be catching a ride aboard the Sleepytime Express with them. –Christina

Grab a copy of the new Acoustic Dreamland lullaby CD from the Putumayo website or from our affiliate Amazon.

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Acoustic Dreamland!