I’m one of those diehards (or gluttons for punishment) who still orders hard copies of digital photos so that I can shove them into a photo album. I’ve used Snapfish for years for these prints, including last month’s order of 1,370 prints. (No, that’s not a typo)

But, outside of photo prints or the occasional calendar, I haven’t really thought of Snapfish as a must-visit place for gift ideas. Turns out, they’ve got a lot of cool partnerships with some very creative smaller companies which makes them a cool place to bookmark when you need a special gift.

Keep reading to find out what Snapfish has been up to while I’ve been busy sorting through 1,370 pictures. Oy.

Long-time favorite, Frecklebox offers playful and personalized puzzles (above) and notebooks now available at Snapfish too. Need a super affordable birthday gift for the next five classmates’ parties this month? I’m pretty sure any kid would be thrilled to see their name front and center on one of these.


I’m pretty certain my niece will flip for this personalized map from Kidlandia. Printed on photo paper, they depict a fictional island named for your child, with themes like “Play Paradise” or “Serenity Island,” and names of family, friends, and beloved activities peppered in. (Think towns like Gymnastics Village and MommyTown.) The islands are populated with cutesy cartoon-ish characters, but I find that way preferable to the Spongebob island option.

Paper Culture

Since my photos are already loaded up on Snapfish, I usually end up ordering my photo cards from them. And now that Snapfish is carrying CMP-favorite Paper Culture‘s gorgeous and eco-friendly cards, I have one more big reason to go there for holidays, birthday invitations and personalized notecards. Look at the baby announcement cards at your own risk—it’ll give you major cute-baby envy.

flattenMe custom art

I’ve loved mama-of-four Margo Redfern’s incredible personalized storybook company, Flattenme, ever since I saw review on Cool Mom Picks way back in ’07. Now on Snapfish, her fanciful illustrations have been turned into large colorful posters featuring your fave kiddo as a superhero, trapeze artist, fairy and more. I love that their artists will match the hands and feet in a picture to your child’s facial skin tone, and that they will individually work with each photograph to make sure it fits perfectly in the photo.

Snapily card

Too often, the card I send with a gift is an afterthought, slapped on at the last minute with a hastily scribbled greeting inside. But with Snapily’s super-cool “animated” flip cards that incorporate two photos, I think the card may get more attention that the gift itself. See our earlier Snapily review for a sense of how it works.

Paper Coterie

I don’t care if we’re in the tail end of the first quarter, I am still agog over Paper Coterie’s repositionable fabric wall calendar. The crisp modern design is printed on fabric which is such a cool change from paper. Not in the market for a 2011 calendar in March? Then check out one of 24 designs of their unique fabric growth charts.

Check out all of Snapfish’s new partner products at their website.