Tangled on DVD and Blu-Ray
When I took my six-year-old to see the newest Disney movie Tangled last Fall, I think I may have laughed, cried, and enjoyed it more than she did. Of course, I was also 40 weeks pregnant and hopped up on hormones.

In honor of its DVD and Blu-Ray release this week, I grabbed my lucky press preview copy and hosted a little viewing with a couple of my daughter’s friends as well as my other children. And even without the hormones, I had the same reaction. So, if you’re still on the fence about this movie, here’s a little bit about why I love it so much.

Hailed as Disney’s attempt to create a Princess movie with appeal to both boys and girls, Tangled adapts the classic story of Rapunzel with just the right mix of romance, intrigue, and action to keep even my littlest one entertained.

Once you get past the opening scene when male protagonist Flynn Rider says “This is the story of the day I died” and the story set up–which is well, sad–you’re in for a delightful movie. Keeping in mind of course that there’s no way around the basic plot point involving the evil woman Mother
Gothel stealing a baby to keep her captive in her house for her entire
life. Eep.

The lead characters, played by unlikely Disney voiceover stars Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, are flawed, which makes them likable and relatable. And the supporting cast, particularly the chameleon, the horse, Maximus, and a band of merry oddball warriors are hilarious, adding welcome humor that’s appealing to kids and adults too. In fact, a lot of went over my kids’ heads and had me chuckling heartily.

Of course Disney does stick with the old formula that skinny/attractive = good, and fat/unattractive=evil, for those of you progressive mamas who notice such things. And it’s
not completely devoid of scary parts, although the perils are resolved
quickly; just something to keep in mind if you’ve got super sensitive
little ones.

But in the end, I really loved Rapunzel’s refreshing naivete, adventurous spirit, well-rounded skill set, and extremely well-portrayed teenage angst. And for those of you ready to roll your eyes at yet another “Happily Ever After” ending scene, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

 In fact, that’s really how I feel about the whole movie. Well done, Disney. Kristen

The Disney movie Tangled is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Check your local stores or order online through our affiliate Amazon.com.


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