Soft Clothing Nautical TeeI rarely buy clothes for my oldest daughter online because she is so very picky about what she lets touch her skin. Tight cuffs, buttons, care labels, embroidered designs, zippers…the list on “no’s” goes on and on and on.

But last year, I ordered some things from Soft Clothing based on the recommendation I read here and was so very pleased that nothing had to be returned. And with their new spring styles, I have even more choices to get us ready for warmer weather. 

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Primarily created for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, and other medical issues that can cause tactile sensitivity, the mom behind Soft Clothing thinks about all the little details that can become big issues to some kids. And even kids, like mine, who aren’t diagnosed with a specific reason for being so sensitive.

I love the new designs for spring, which add a little more flair to their plain tees and dresses, without resorting to embellishments that will make sensitive kids squirm. The Nautical Striped Folk Heart tee (shown at top) is a little French treat since the heart design is digitally printed to be extra soft. And I appreciate how many unisex items they have, like their cute robot and not-scary skull, which would get extra mileage in both my son’s and my daughters’ wardrobes. 

But, it was the soft tagless girls party dress that made me a believer. My oldest wore hers first to Easter last year, and then just about any time she could.  –Christina 

Take a look at Soft Clothing’s new Spring collection, as well as their Soft Denim, Seamless Socks and their Limited Edition Brooklyn Artist Tees at

Congratulations to Toni A. for winning a short-sleeved Summer Boat Tee!