My daughter is turning three soon, and I want to put together a dress up box for her. Any ideas for a great Etsy costume shop? She wants an astronaut costume but I need it to be something she can get on and off herself. Any other ideas? -Alison

Hi Alison, We love your question! Of course, you can start by dumping your own accessories in there–scarves, gloves, handbags, belts are all great for creative play. But if you want some specific costume accessories, here are some great ideas to fill up your daughter’s dress-up box:

The masks at Mahalo are adorable and won’t take up too much room in her dress-up box. I love the entire forest of friends shown above—great for those bigger playdates or fun at a birthday party.

Pirate costume

Her Flying Horses has some great individual pieces that leave room for lots of open-ended play like these pirate pieces. Plus, her prices are phenomenal. We love her handmade superhero cuffs so much, we just featured them on site.

Ellie Bellie Cape
I think every kid needs a cape—one of the most versatile dress-up items you’ll buy. Little Capers is a terrific shops that make handmade capes that last.

Soil hats

Not just for dress up, Soil hats are lovely but totally inspiring for kids. Pair with a cape, or just a long play silk tied around the shoulders, and see where her imagination takes her.

As far as astronaut costumes, I’ve seen a lot but they all do seem challenging for an almost-three-year old to put on herself. One option is to convo the Little Shepsters Etsy site about her custom-made astronaut costume to find out if she can design one to be as easy as possible for little hands to get on and off.

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