My kids love Easter, but the hours leading up to festivities can get a little hairy with me trying to get ready for the holiday and them trying to “help”. There just isn’t enough of me to keep three kids happily occupied while I make sure the colored eggs/baskets/food/cleaning routine gets done.

So when I saw this amazingly cool Easter project that my craft-loving kids would adore, I threw my figurative Easter bonnet in the air.

Hello Clementine’s rabbit garland printables would make the coolest Easter decor in our home with a quartet of hip bunnies that prefer you not call them cuddly and sweet. [Edited to add: The Hello Clementine Etsy shop has moved to Ginger & George]

What would make my girls go bananas for these rabbits are the extra clothing and accessories sheets which turn these critters into rabbity paper dolls. If your kids are good with scissors, they can cut everything out themselves, or get ready to spend a little time snipping.

Bunny garland

And while I adore the modern color scheme, I think my kids would vote the clothes get printed in black-and-white so they can color them in themselves. It it means another half-hour of happy crafting, I’m all for it.

Order the Rabbit Garland Printable PDF from the Hello Clementine Etsy shop—there are a few listings in case one is sold out. Keep in mind that Hello Clementine is based in London, so get your order in ASAP.

[Edited to add: The Hello Clementine Etsy shop has moved to Ginger & George]


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