Zoo Themed Giant Fleece BallWriting about big, fuzzy balls makes me think of that Schweddy Balls sketch on Saturday Night Live. Except these balls aren’t salty and nutty and made by Alec Baldwin. No, they’re gorgeous and made of recycled sweaters or fleece and soft as the dickens.

I especially love the giant fleece Zoo ball designed to match Alexander Henry’s popular 2D Zoo fabric– which I had in one of my nurseries, actually. At a bouncy 18″ in diameter, this ball is a striking addition to a room and a wonderful, long-lasting lovey that will take you from infanthood to preschool lounging. 

Each zoo ball is unique, hand crafted by Etsy artisan Handmade Pretties of fleece. The balls feature fleece animals and a custom name applique, and include panels of the actual Alexander Henry fabric. Plus, there’s an aardvark, and that’s a major plus in my book.~Delilah

Find the Zoo Themed Giant Personalized Ball, personalized upcycled sweater balls, and other fleece balls for babies in themes like trains, owls, flowers and cowgirls at the Handmade Pretties Etsy shop. Custom orders too! Shipping is a little pricey the bigger the item. 

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