JJ's CocomelsWith a lactose-intolerant family member, I’m always on the lookout for sweet treats that aren’t made with cow’s milk. Whether you’re dairy-free like she is, you’re a vegan, or you just like yummy things, I just found a brand of handmade caramels made with coconut milk, that fits the bill perfectly.

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Discovered through a recent Foodzie tasting box (I’m addicted to my monthly box!) the handmade caramels from JJ’s Sweets are quite nice. The coconut milk infuses them with vaguely tropical flavor, and the sweet-salty balance was perfect.

The chocolate-cover fleur de sel caramels,
called “Cocomels,” are definitely my favorite-is there any more perfect
combination than chocolate and salt? But in the warmer weather, you
might skip the chocolate and stick with the regular caramels.

All the candies are free of dairy, gluten, corn and soy, and made with
organic sweeteners that are lower on the glycemic index than your
ordinary stuff. If that helps you justify them, so be it. –Liz

Find the dairy-free Cocomel caramels online from JJ’s Sweets at Foodzie. Note that during the warmer months, the chocolate carmels only ship on Mondays.

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