It’s a Pinkalicious world, but I am not a Pinkalicious girl, and neither is my kid. We’re more into the Cowboy & Octopus thing. Of course there’s nothing wrong with loving the books prominently displayed at big box stores, because, honestly, there’s a good reason they’re popular. But there’s also an underground world of independent kids’ books– forgotten books, rare books, books that march to a different drummer. And now there’s a great and trusted way to find and capture these roguish tomes.

It’s called One Potato, and it’s a lovingly run blog with corresponding shop on Amazon. One Potato is
orchestrated by real people who love books– like, seriously love books. And they want to keep the forgotten classics in circulation.

We’re talking kids’ books that could win a pageant with a killer combination of beauty and brains; the kinds that will touch your heart and mind and woo your eyes, books that your kids will remember and pass on to their kids.

The shop is divided up into categories and colorful subcategories with things you’d expect, like First Books or Numbers, as well as things you don’t expect, like Are You Eating That? Or Recommended for…Penguins. Each book has a lush cover picture and a One Potato-written review. For a perfect example of how wonderful the One Potato writing is, check out the recent blog post about princess books, called Pretty in Beige.

When you see a book you like, just add it to your cart and pay for it through Amazon. See? It’s both independent and easy. We like that.

One Potato takes the literary road less traveled, and that, dear friends, makes all the difference.

Find rare, wacky, beautiful, clever, heart-wrenching and original books for kids at One Potato

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