Choose YouRecently, I was honored to attend a celeb-packed preview party for an amazing new initiative from the American Cancer Society. But it wasn’t the glitterati that left the strongest impression (as gorgeous as Hilary Swank and Kelly Rutherford are in person)–it was some of the women I had the privilege of speaking with. They embodied everything women can be: strong, powerful, determined, and beautiful from the inside out. Also, their lives had all been touched by cancer in profound ways.

One woman confided that because of chemo treatments, the party was her first night out in six months. Let’s just say, she earned it big time.

So it’s my privilege to tell you, on her behalf, all about the Choose You campaign.

Choose You
Month, starting today, speaks right to the idea that women (and ahem,
moms) aren’t always good at putting ourselves first. Sometimes our
health and well-being takes a back seat to caring for everyone else in
our lives. I know I’m guilty of it and it has to change; like the old
“put the oxygen mask on yourself first” line from the airplane.

Check the website and see what you can personally commit to. It’s easy
stuff like diet, exercise, quitting smoking, using sunscreen, and early
detection. These changes alone can make 50% of all cancer cases
disappear. There are also lots of great resources listed on the site if your commitment (say, quitting smoking?) is bigger than others.

Also make sure to check out the incredible documentary feature produced
by Hilary Swank and Molly Mickler Smith airing June 23 on the Choose You
website. Let’s just say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we
watched the preview and realized we were standing side by side with the
very women on the screen. –Liz

For every share on Facebook, Choose You partner Sprite Zero will donate $1 up to $450,000. Please share! Also register here for an invite to the online Choose You documentary premier.

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