Boys' roll sleeve shirt
After the fun of dressing two little girls, I was pleasantly surprised to find that outfitting my baby boy was pretty darn fun too. So much for the myth that little boy clothes aren’t nearly as cute as little girl clothes.

I do struggle in one area though: dressing up. Formal clothing for boys is a real mixed bag, and most of the button-down shirts I’ve found are downright boring.

The handsome, modern button-down shirts for boys from Black Kite are my idea of the perfect dress up get-up for boys. Owner/designer Lindsay Mangat selects prints that have great visual interest without overwhelming little dudes’ dashing good looks, and the material is crisp yet soft– no wriggling like a maniac and whining complaints about itchy, fancy shirts. (Moms of boys, you know what I’m talking about.) Plus, the details and craftsmanship are impeccable– even if the photos on the site could use a little work.

Now, these shirts aren’t cheap, so I wouldn’t put one on my boy and send him off to play in the creek. But for a summer wedding, a portrait session, or even a special trip to visit grandparents, one of these gorgeous shirts would be just the ticket. -Julie

Check out the modern button-down shirts for boys at Black Kite

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