Go Anywhere baby booster seat
Whether you’ve got one kid or four like me, it’s tough traveling on a long road trip. Hey, it’s even hard just going out to dinner with all your baby gear essentials sometimes. But this new pick is so practical, so cool, it’s become far from an extra for our family. In fact, I’d call it the baby travel essential of the summer.

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The Go Anywhere Booster seat is by far the best-made and best-looking of this type of baby seat I’ve seen yet. What appears to be a pack about the size of a large lunch box, actually opens up into a handy toddler booster seat complete with a 5-point harness and a handy pad that boosts your kiddo up so they’re closer to the table top.

You simply clip it behind and below a regular chair, snap your child in, and you can keep him safely occupied while you feed him with ease. Whether you’re at a restaurant, Grandmom’s house, or really, anywhere with a chair.  When you’re done, it wipes clean and folds back up easily with a magnet closure. Sold!  -Kristen

You can purchase the Go Anywhere Booster at Buy Modern Baby.

Congratulations to Amanda A. and Kelly B.
!  They each won a Go Anywhere Booster Seat.


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