Share family photos and videos with PosterousWe’re thrilled to be working with Posterous, a free service helping parents safely and easily share photos and videos.

With four kids and very photo-hungry grandparents, you can only imagine how much we get badgered every time we return for vacation. Before we can even get the laundry unpacked, we’re flooded with requests to send photographs and videos of all the fun.

Facebook is a little too public for my personal taste (plus not all our family members are on Facebook). And family videos on YouTube? Uh, no.

It takes all of five seconds (or three if you’re a fast typer) to sign
up for the free service, and you’re ready to start uploading or
emailing photos and videos to your Posterous site.

(Really! See my daughter up there? I did that super fast.)

family and
friends can access them via a simple password, or just get them right to
their inbox in their original form if that’s easier. There are no links
or attachments, which means no phone calls from Grandma asking for IT
help. But what I like is that you know exactly who’s viewing them; it’s
not open to all your “friends” or “followers.” In this digital age, I
think that’s a big deal for a lot of parents.

You mobile moms can also use the Posterous iPhone app to get a jumpstart on the photo sharing (even in slideshow form!) while you’re on the go. Then you can even create
several sites organized by vacation destination, kid, or season.

a smart way to ensure you and your family can spend more time actually
enjoying the memories instead of organizing them all. And putting off
the huge piles of laundry just
waiting to be unpacked. –Kristen

Posterous infographic

Need a little reminder about photo
sharing safety? Posterous has created a funny little infographic to make
sure you don’t get burned. Sharing Privacy Factor (SPF). Cute, huh?