I am a sucker for stuffed animals. I love the fact that they are gender neutral (mostly) and don’t have an “on” button, which means you are putting the creative power into your child’s hands.

If you have a wannabe vet in the family, this kit I recently discovered takes dramatic play to another level completely.

Patrick, the adorably sweet and cuddly puppy needs your help. As part of the sweet toy veterinary kit, he also comes with medicine, shots, and a stethoscope to aid you. Oh, and a bone, which is a must have for every dog owner.

This set is very well crafted, with nary a piece of plastic in sight. There are no batteries, and no flashing lights. The only bark you hear is coming from your own kid. Talk about old school. -Eva

Encourage your little vet in training with a Patrick the Pup Vet Kit from FAO Schwarz