Key West Lime JuiceI have discovered that fooling your friends into thinking you are a culinary goddess is fairly easy. All it really takes is having trustworthy taste buds, a few signature dishes and a willingness to share. Honestly, the majority of my most requested dishes come from found recipes to which I apply minor edits. 

Now that summer has arrived, the calls for my key lime pie are pouring in and the super busy me is saying, “No problem!” Why? With only 4 ingredients (including the crust) and a 20 min prep/bake time this is one wish I am happy to grant.

My secret? Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West lime juice.
Not only does it produce the pitch perfect pie but the foolproof key lime pie recipe
is right on the bottle and requires zero tinkering. Hot tip– on your
first run you might want to make 2 pies– one for you to devour and one
for your guests.

writing this post I decided to check out their website which to my
pleasant surprise is loaded with more recipes for cocktails, marinades,
appetizers, entrees and desserts. Let’s just say, if you by any chance
are planning a Jimmy Buffet themed party- you are all set. I think my
first experiment will be the marinated grilled shrimp or oooohh the tequila lime beef. -Stephanie M

Find Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key West Lime Juice at your local grocer– it’s usually hiding in the baking or juice aisles– or order a case on the Nellie & Joe’s website and prepare to make some new friends.