The first sign of summer for me is always my first mosquito bite. I always consider bug bites to be the price I pay for good weather and barbecues. But now that I have kids, I feel the need to douse them in something to ward off bug bites, and I’ve never been a fan of that hideous bug spray smell mixed with all those nasty chemicals.

Thanks to Erbaviva, I’ve found a way to fend off the bugs, while still keeping my family chemical-free. The new Organic Buzz Spray bug repellant from natural mom and baby skincare line Erbaviva is made with a special blend of essential oils known for keeping the pests away. And no more gnarly smell either. The juice, which includes a heady mix of cedar wood bark oil, juniper berry oil, citronella oil and lavender oil, smells like a hike in the woods. (A mosquito-free woods.)

I sprayed myself and my toddler son with the Buzz Spray recently before we headed in the backyard for some s’mores roasting. I admit I still woke up with a few mosquito bites the next day (though I’m convinced not nearly as many as if I’d gone spray-free–my legs are usually an all you can eat bug buffet). However my son was bite-free, and the best part was I didn’t have to worry about him absorbing any of the toxic stuff. –Melissa

Get the bugs to stop bugging you with Erbaviva Organic Buzz Spray, $20 on

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