Do it Yourself mini MunnyIf you know kidrobot, then you know its team of artists create masterpieces of culture. Lots
of words have been used to describe the appeal, and I love all
of them: quirky, pop-art, Warholesque, cartoonish, comical….the list
goes on. There are even a few of their toys on display at MOCA in NY.

Well, now it’s your child’s turn.

My kids dig Dunny,
kidrobot’s creature (monster? robot? animal?) that absolutely takes on a
life of its own once the artist gets her hands on it. Now there’s also Munny,
Dunny’s friend with smaller ears. With some markers and a blank canvas,
Munny can be anything at all. The coolest part is that the box shows no
examples and there is no right way to make your Munny.

Talk about toys with substance–Munny even comes with its own website with a syllabus for teachers looking to incorporate Munny into their curriculum.

is way too fun not to share with your kid. But he may be having
too much fun to notice your eager hands dying for a whirl. -Eva

Munny is available at kidrobot stores and on at