BabyList!It was so empowering, the first time I held that price gun and started registering for baby stuff. I assumed that the store would have everything I needed. (Yes, you can laugh at me now.) As I now know, the best baby carriers, bibs, and swaddlers are generally found online, not in the big baby stores, and you can’t register for them.

But wait–now you can! And it’s easy!

is an idea a long time coming. This free service allows you to build a
baby registry for anything at all that you can find online, including stuff on Etsy,
EcoMom, and Amazon. Whether you’re looking for one of our all-time
favorite baby carriers (PPB Ergo or Babyhawk, anybody?) or the fabulous new sleep sack we just discovered, you can add it to your baby registry and keep track of when it’s been fulfilled.
I find BabyList is super easy to use, too. After registering, you simply download the
browser button for whichever browser you use. Then, when you see
something you like, you click the button, and that item is automatically
added to your list, just as you would use StumbleUpon or Delicious. 

Leak the link to your online registry, and everyone
will know exactly where to find that Sophie the Giraffe teether you’ve
been eyeing. You can even register for furniture, doula services, and
post-partum meal deliveries (hint, hint). 

One caveat: you have to make sure the items you’re adding can be shipped to
your address, especially if you’re in Canada. But
otherwise, what a fantastic way to register for exactly what you want.
Price guns are so 2006.~Delilah

Check out BabyList to make your free online registry.