Lollacup weighted straw cup
I don’t remember having trouble learning how to use a straw but, then again, I’m about four decades past that stage in life. It was my kids who made me realize that “straw use” was going to be another one of those odd little skills I was going to have to teach them, along with using a napkin instead of their shirt.

For those of you just entering this stage of development, check out this neat cup which helps make the transition from sippy cup to straw-in-cup even easier.

The new Lollacup infant/toddler cup features a flexible weighted straw so that the bottom of the straw goes gravitationally toward the liquid.

I’ll admit that at first I scoffed a bit: Do I really need a special cup for my toddler to use a straw? Please. But, then I remembered how frustrated my youngest would get when he’d tip his cup to drink and the straw would end up in that pocket of air at the top of his closed cup.

With Lollacup, toddlers around 9 months and older can grab the two handles and bring the straw to their mouth no problem. The birdie face is super cute to look at and comes in a bunch of gender-neutral colors
which is great if you have multiple kids who will use it. Made
completely in the USA, the mom-created Lollacup is also BPA- and
phthalates-free, something that should make you feel better as they
practice getting the hang of Straw 101.

Be aware that, while the cup can be tilted at pretty much any angle, the valveless straw will leak if your child tries to drink while flat on his back, or if he has a tendency to leave sippy cups upside down on the couch. It’s made for toddlers, not astronauts. –Christina

Visit Lollacup for their innovative straw cups for toddlers.


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