Britax infant travel systemI think having a baby would be so much easier if the getting from point A to point B wasn’t such a pain the butt. In my family, we’ve tried pretty much all of the travel systems that are supposed to make life simpler; let’s just say that most of those stroller/car seat combos never really live up to their promises and often make things even more difficult.

But then I discovered the new ultra-lightweight, ridiculously easy travel system from Britax, I actually started leaving my 10 block radius with baby in tow.

The Britax B-AGILE Stroller manages to be both an awesome stand-alone buggy and a smart travel system stroller, working in conjunction with the Britax B-SAFE Car Seat.
This is by far the best travel system I’ve ever used, and let me tell
you, I’ve been around the block in that department.

(Actually, around the
block is as far as I made it with those other systems, which always
ended up being really tough to collapse or just plain awkward to

One of the amazing points about the B-AGILE stroller
is that it does not require an adapter–it actually has a “Click & Go” system
which is built in, so you can receive the car seat without any
additional pieces. Genius! 

The stroller can be used from birth up to 55 lbs, has a full recline, and it weighs less than 17 lbs, making it a cinch
to get in and out of the trunk. It’s really easy to collapse, too. Just
a quick pull of the handle and push of a button and it goes down. And
unlike many of those other travel systems, it has all-wheel suspension,
so it makes for a very smooth ride. And the zipper parent storage
pocket, which comes with the stroller, is an awesome addition that lets you go
bag-less when you’re on the go.

My one complaint is that the sun
canopy does not reach very far, so on those blazing sunny days, you’d
probably want the extra protection of an additional shade. But overall,
this is one stroller that will live way beyond just being a car seat

Now as for the B-SAFE Car Seat, (4-30 lbs), this is one of the best infant car seats I’ve ever come across. Like the Britax Marathon Classic car seat,
which we have for my older son, it’s a luxe and comfy ride. It has all
the safety features you’d want for your little one (side impact
protection and side walls lined with EPS foam to help absorb any force
from a crash). I also love the tangle-free harness, because we all know
how hair-pullingly annoying it can be to untangle those straps!

of my favorite features about the car seat/stroller combo is that you
can basically create a safe, hidden haven for baby when he’s in the car
seat. When the car seat is clicked in, you just pull together the
canopies from the stroller and the car seat and your little one gets his
own little VIP room, perfect for staving off those eyes (and germ-y
hands) of curious onlookers. –Melissa

The Britax B-SAFE Car Seat ($179.99) and the B-AGILE Stroller ($249.99) are available at Britax USA.