Love Bottle
I’m not one to compromise my design taste because I have kids, but I do generally pass by the fancy dishes or ceramic vases at my favorite stores, not having a lot use for them these days. Still, that doesn’t mean I have to rid my table of all the pretty things I love.

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I admit that I was a little skeptical about Love Bottle, but after
seeing them, I’m completely sold. Not just because I like the idea of
keeping water in a glass bottle and not in plastic, but because pretty bottles completely change the look of my table which is generally covered in kid
cups and baby plates.

These eco-friendly glass bottles–some blank,
some with cool designs–hold water or other bevvies, all without the
plastic. Even cooler, you can decorate your bottle with stickers, markers, or
even bands that Love Bottle sells. If you’re inclined to carry them with
you on the go, well they’ve got bottle carriers too.

I think they’d be a fabulous hostess gift filled with a homemade lemonade or sangria perhaps? Or I like them just for a dinner party to dress up the
table without getting too fancy. Heck, I’m just happy to have something
so nice on my own table these days. -Kristen

You can purchase a Love Bottle on their website.

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