Legos are just so timeless, so simple, so wholesome. You can build houses and cities and adorable robots, sprawled in front of a roaring fire with your future architect.

Or you can turn those happy little blocks into a zombie-infested nightmare rife with bloodstains and axes. Your choice.

We simply must spread the delightful infection that
is the Zombie Mod kit from
. These amazing clinging vinyl decals attach to your Legos
(or “other connecting bricks”) and can be repositioned and used again and
again without losing their clinginess.

being a Zombie Mod kit, they’re not too gruesome– no brains, bones, or
serious grossness. There are several zombie face stickers and
gore-splattered shirts to take your policemen and firefighters from good
citizen to zombie fighter. And you can turn your basic bricks into
gasoline, an ax, a cleaver, bottled water, or, for a reason I can’t
fathom but adore, a banjo.

Several kits are available to
take your basic bricks from construction to shopping to WWII, but
zombies just have a way of getting to our hearts. And brains.~Delilah

the Zombie Mod kit for Legos at BrickStix.
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