Skeleton Love Kids!Let’s face it: If Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter had twins, they would look just like this, and Johnny Depp would give them a set of onesies like this at their Beetlejuice-themed baby shower.

The Skeleton Love Kids
organic shirt from Mimosa is based on an illustration by Holly Cruise
and offers twice the charm of shirts featuring a single skeleton–and
that’s a guarantee. Two happy little skeletons share a flaming heart
while frolicking under a banner of hearts carried by two flying crows.
In short, it’s perfectly spooktacular and adorkably hip, just in time
for Halloween. But honestly, we would wear it year round, because we
love black, purple, and skulls.

If you don’t
scream for skulls, they have other non-Halloween designs, including robots,
hedgehogs, whales, and penguins. But remember, all of those other cute
animals still have skeletons on the inside. So, technically, they’re
skeleton shirts, too. That’s deep.~Delilah

the Skeleton Love Kids design as a tee or onesie at Mimosa