One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending and receiving cards in the mail — especially the photo kind.

(I can’t possibly be the only one. Who doesn’t love getting real mail? And photos? Everyone does!)

It’s the best part of December, by far.

Here’s the thing, though: Most of the photo cards out there are a little meh for my taste. I’m kind of obsessed with good quality paper. I want to send crisp photos that my friends and family will treasure — after all, it’s likely to be the only printed photo they will get all year. I want to make it count. And now there’s a new company delivering just that.

When you first see the cards from MyPublisher, you might think they’re the kind where you glue a photograph to a card. Which is nice, sure, but I don’t have the time to bring out the glue stick. (I’m also kind of lazy.) As it turns out, the photos are actually printed on the card — they literally seem to jump off the heavy, deliciously textured card stock. These are not the flimsy cards printed on photographic paper you get at the drugstore.
This is stationery, the kind that feels good when you hold it.

You know the kind.

There’s a good range of designs from Christmas cards to Hanukkah cards to the non-denominational happy holiday variety. And you moms of bigger broods will be happy to know that you can print four or more photos on any card.

The cards are competitively priced at just around $1.50 each and include equally thick envelopes with your choice of colorful liners, your printed return address on the back flap and — be still my heart! — free shipping. That’s a lot of quality for a very reasonable price. -Roxanna

Order custom holiday cards from MyPublisher, which is giving Cool Mom Picks readers 5 free cards and 25% off any additional cards plus free shipping. Offer is good through November 1st. Use code CMPFREECARDS.


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