Hanukkah chocolate geltNot to be dissing those chalk gold-wrapped coins with an actual chocolate content of about .03%, but if you’re going to treat your dreidel winners with sweets this Hanukkah, we’ve got a better idea.

The Hanukkah
chocolate disks
from CMP fave Rogue Confections are just beautiful.
There are two collections but I happen to love all these pretty
menorahs. For 18 bucks you’ll get 6 gorgeous chocolate disks–your
choice of dark, black or white–that make a fitting place setting treat
at the table, or just a reward for the kids at the end of the party.

snowman chocolateThese are not foils–the designs are printed right onto the chocolate
discs with gorgeous edible inks. And if you’re handy with a cupcake pan,
you can even order the sweet papers
alone and use them on your own creations.

Whatever you celebrate, look around the site for beautiful Christmas
and generic vintage
winter designs
that look good enough to eat. Because they are.-Liz

Find beautiful chocolate gifts for the holidays at Rogue Confections