Me Two You: Buy a baby blanket, donate a baby blanket
If you’re considering a baby blanket as a gift for the upcoming holidays, or simply for a new baby in your life, I can’t think of a more beautiful gesture than one of these Me Two You baby blankets. Because for every one you buy, one is also donated to a child who can really need it.

Made with supersoft, luxuriously minky fabric and
trimmed with satin piping, Me Two You’s Plush Blanket is the very
definition of what a snuggly blanket should be. And it’s just the
slightest bit smaller than a crib mattress–the perfect
not-too-big-not-too-little size for little ones.
here’s the best part: with every Me Two You blanket that you buy, the
company gives another blanket to an orphaned child. Me Two You says
that, according to child psychologists, “blankets offer warmth and
security,” helping take the place “of the mother-child bond”–which both
breaks and warms my heart. 
I know that, as
mamas, we can’t blanket every child in the world. But I think this is a more than noble start at helping some of them. -Lexi
With every
luxuriously soft baby blanket from Me Two You
you buy, the company gives one to an orphaned child.

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