Simple wooden stacking toys from Gween

I never mean to, but I occasionally have a weird mind slip and underestimate the power of simplicity. When a package arrived in the mail from Gween, bearing six pieces of pretty, shiny wood meant to put together into a windmill shape, I wasn’t sure my kids would like it. But you know what?

They loved it.

But the experts at Gween knew that they would. The
cool windmill (officially named “Gusto”) is one of five models of stackable toys that can
be put together in different ways–which works on kids’ motor skills,
piques their problem-solving interests, and (if my kids’ total
absorption in the toy is anything to go by) is just pure fun.

the toys are also eco-friendly fun: they’re handmade with wood from
sustainable trees, colored with natural dyes, and completely free of
synthetic materials. Even the packaging is made from recycled materials.
And a portion of Gween’s profits are used to ensure that the kids of
the artisans who make the toys have future educational opportunities. 

Yes. Simply awesome. -Lexi

an educational, eco-friendly–and totally fun–toy from Gween. Spend $20 or more on Gween toys at Amazon and get 10% off with coupon code “GWNOFR01” through 12/22.


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