Owl rag doll by Little DeMaura Designs
Owls are some seriously cool animals. They have big eyes, they’re nocturnal, and they “whoo.” They’re also the requisite cute kids motif of the decade, which you know if you’re an avid Cool Mom Picks reader.

You know what’s cooler than an owl though? An owl with a tie and striped pants.

Little DeMaura Designs has carefully crafted this little Owl Rag Doll, who’s made to withstand toddler strength with
ease. I’d imagine your little dude or dudette will not be able to put this guy
down. After all, artist Gina DeMaura would know–she also
makes the toys for her two year old son. –Eva

The Owl Rag Doll is available from Little DeMaura Designs on Etsy. 

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