Bake Sale graphic novel by Sara VaronI love cupcakes. For me, this is no fad. They represent happiness and goodness and celebrations in every bite. But a talking cupcake? This brings my love to an entirely new level.

Expect crazy fun with Sara Varon’s newest graphic novel, Bake Sale. The premise is this: Cupcake
is losing his inspiration. Every new recipe he tries just doesn’t work
out. When Cupcake’s friend,
Eggplant, proposes a trip to Turkey, things really start to happen. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so that’s all I’m going to give you.

The illustrations are super detailed and there is so much to see.
The text is simple and clean. Early readers will have no problem reading
this, and long time readers will dive in with relish, or er,
buttercream frosting.

A super bonus are the recipes in the back. Because, after all the cupcake
reading, you will be jonesing for some sweets to eat. –Eva
Bake Sale by Sara Varon is available at our affiliate, Amazon.