Once upon a time, we fell in love with a pink t-shirt of a princess riding a T-Rex.

Guess what? Now she’s riding a hog.

Forget bad to the bone–she’s bad to the bow.

(Because her pigtails have bows, of course.)

Our pals at Jusami have struck gold again with the adorable Chopper Girl shirt that proves princesses don’t necessarily need towers or unicorns or princely rescue. This girl just needs her trusty motorcycle (and helmet!), and it’s time for adventure.

We love Jusami not only because their designs are delish, but also because their shirts are of super-soft interlock cotton and printed in eco-conscious water-based inks. And it’s cut in a tapered, girly shape, too, with long sleeves to get her through winter with style. So girly, yet so cool. Add on one of those fuzzy faux leopard vests and prepare to ride off into the sunset. ~Delilah

Find the Chopper Girl short-sleeve shirt at Jusami. 

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