Sage Spoonfuls homemade baby food system
Homemade baby food is one of those things that a lot of parents consider–but the thought can be daunting. Regardless, there comes a time in every baby’s life when it’s clear that it’s time to introduce solids and you’ll have to make the decision.

Maybe they’re reaching for everything you eat. Maybe they’ve just cut four teeth all at once. (In which case, our sympathies!) Or maybe you’re simply ready for that classic food-smeared-smile photo to post on Facebook. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got an amazing new baby food system that’s perfect for you.

Sage Spoonfuls is a lovely little homemade baby food system created by mom-of-three,
Liza Huber. It’s truly the answer to parents looking to make their own baby
food, but who have no idea where to start.

The kit includes all the tools you’ll need. The Let’s Get Started Package,
for example, includes an immersion blender (with a food processor
attachment), twelve BPA-free food storage containers, and a very handy pocket guide that includes food
recommendations by age, safety guidelines and more.

Also included is a beautiful recipe book for homemade baby food–okay, for the littlest ones, some of
the recipes are more like “mix apples with pears.” But, hey, some of us
moms need this kind of inspiration, especially once we get into trying
to figure out what mixes well with eggplant. The photos are lovely plus there’s handy information about allergies, nutrition, organics and more.

When it comes to feeding a young baby, it’s really wonderful to have everything you need all in one place. Besides that eggplant of course. And the clothes to help you cover up when said eggplant starts flying. –Stephanie

Visit the Sage Spoonfuls website for an excellent all-in-one homemade baby food system

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