Letterpress Year You Were Born CardsLet’s face it, by the time our kids are old enough to ask what the world was like when they were born, they are going to consider us tragically unhip.

Luckily, this charming (and affordable!) baby gift will help recall fond memories of hipster TV hits or the price of a microbrew where Mom and Dad lived.

Every baby book has a couple of pages devoted to recording the price of a gallon of milk or that year’s president. But these Year You Were Born cards take a different spin, with place-specific memory prompts like “The Price of the Sunday Oregonian” in Portland, or “Number of Hot Dogs Eaten by the Nathan’s Contest Winner” in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

In addition to being clever, the cards are gorgeous, letterpress printed on beautifully thick stock to make a fantastic heirloom. And priced at only $6.25, they’re a cool shower gift–provided the parents-to-be live in a major city like New York, Chicago, Houston, Portland, Los Angeles, London, or San Francisco.

Suburbanites will have to settle for one of the lovely First Milestones cards and the smug knowledge that lattes cost a buck less in your hood.~Delilah

Find gorgeous letterpress cards at the DoubleBravo shop on Etsy. And for more baby shower gift ideas, don’t miss our Baby Shower Gift Guide!