Handmade soft baby book from Wee Gallery
Have you ever given an infant or toddler a paper book only to have returned to you in one mushy mess?

Thanks to Wee Gallery’s organic soft book, we found a beautiful solution last year. And now there are 3 modern, colorful new soft book styles they just released.

Each book is completely handmade (down to the hand-loomed cotton
fabric), GOTS certified, and comes in a simple, yet striking 2 color
combination with either garden, jungle or black and white animals


Handmade organic cotton soft book baby toy

                                      How adorable is the Garden Soft Book?


Handmade organic cotton Jungle soft book

                              The Jungle Book would be a perfect gift for those animal lover.


Handmade organic cotton baby soft book

All Wee Gallery animals are drawn with black and white high contrasting patterns, perfect for baby’s visual development.

This accordion style soft book is the perfect gift option for your next baby event.  And at a perfect price too.- Kirsten

The Soft Book in all new colors can be purchased directly at Wee Gallery.


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