Baby gift ideas: Little Saplings blocks
Any fab gift ideas for 9 month old boy who has everything? – Alysia, via Twitter

If you’re about to visit a little one who has “everything” (a slightly daunting proposition when he’s not even a year old!) I like giving toys that can be both a plaything and something lovely to display on a dresser, bookshelf or chair. Especially ones that are handmade. This way, it’s got a more keepsake feel to it, and it’s not just another plastic thing to toss into the toy bin (or step on at night). –Christina

Unless his name is Mahershalalhashbaz”, the personalized alphabet blocks
at Little Sapling Toys are a really affordable, special gift for any child. I love how the mix
of walnut, maple and cherry woods looks together, and that they are
finished in nothing more than local beeswax and organic jojoba oil. Safe
for ages nine month and up, they can go up onto a dresser or shelf for
display when they aren’t on the play mat.

giant ball
Every nine month old I’ve ever met loves balls, and this giant 14″ handmade fleece ball at Handmade Pretties has the added awesome of being soft like a cuddly pillow and entirely handmade. Made of repurposed materials, I love the bright colors and the zoo theme, though the pirate, robot and even Dr. Who-themed balls are pretty great too. Would look cute rolled in the bedroom corner when not being rolled around the room.

Little Alouette stacking toys

I love Little Alouette’s classic wood stacking toy which is just the right size for little hands to manipulate. The four rings are unpainted–good for gumming–and they get their lovely uniqueness from the wood grain and patterns. When this stacking toy is no longer being played with, it’d be a pretty heirloom to display in their room, or even to pass down someday.

Blabla moustache pillow

No doubt this little guy already has a bunch of stuffed animals, but he probably doesn’t already have a cool Blabla Hold Me Tight Mustache Pillow. Easy to tote, or drag, around by its two plush handles, from playtime to naptime. You’ll be surprised how quickly babies take to it. And whether going on a car ride or just sitting jauntily on a rocking chair, this pillow holds lots of good karma having been made by fair trade Peruvian artists. Sweet dreams indeed.

Maileg rattle

Much more than just a rattle toy, Maileg’s adorable Soldier Rattle is an easy-grasp little buddy to keep close at night or at the doctor’s office for yet another well-visit. He’d also look super-sweet sitting on the pillow at night, waiting for his little admiral to come to bed. It’s a nice token if you’re not meeting the baby for the first time, but need a little visiting gift.

Ron Burgundy onesie

And though he has “everything”, we are pretty certain he is not the lucky recipient (yet) of a fabulous Ron Burgundy onesie crafted of recycled felts by Hawaii’s Micielomicielo Etsy shop. When it’s outgrown, grab a beautiful baby clothes hanger and display it in the bedroom as a whimsical bit of art.

Other great ideas for a young child? Gift cards to the bookstore or for a local play-or-music class. And check our archives for personalized keepsakes for his room. I also love to gift books: a child can never have too many books! And our archives are full of wonderful book gifts for children.

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