I’m on a mission to find a birthday present for one of the smartest, sweetest, most wonderful little guys I know. That’s never an easy task.

But Creative Kidstuff has made the process much simpler with a special new section on its website. Why? Because the awesome kid I’m shopping for has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Creative Kidstuff, in partnership with St. David’s Center, has identified the best of its educational toys for different skill and developmental categories and put them into one easy-to-shop category of toys for children with special needs.

For example, if you’re looking for fun toys to help develop a child’s social interaction, you can click on the “Social Engagement & Interaction” tab and browse all of the toys that are especially beneficial for that skill–like the Scorch Sockette Puppet, pictured here. There are other categories, too, filled with toys to help benefit emotional development and regulation, sensory motor development, communication, and more.

If you’re not sure what kind of developmental skill you’re shopping for, the Creative Kidstuff team will ask the perfect questions to help you narrow it down. All to help make finding a truly special toy for a truly special kid more of the joy that it should be. -Lexi

Check out Creative Kidstuff’s educational toys that benefit children with ASD.